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Organization name InMobi
Organization URL
Legal name InMobi
Headquarters "Pebble Beach", Embassy Golf Links Business Park,
Karnataka 560071, India
Phone number +91 (80) 6583 4
Offices United States, Singapore


Founder & CEO Naveen Tewari
Co-Founder & Head of Global Ad Sales Abhay Singhal
Co-Founder & Head of Business Development Amit Gupta
Head of North America Anne Frisbie
Head of APAC Emmanuel Allix
Head of Technololgy Mohit Saxena
Head of Products Sridhar Ranganathan
Head of Finance & Corporate Communications Sharat Khurana
Employees 70


Type of entity Privately held company
Founding date August, 07
Market presence Global
Seeking expansion Northern America


Total funding 7600000
Angel 500000 (12/06)
Mumbai Angels (500000)
Series A 7100000 (04/08)


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InMobi, formerly mKhoj, is one of the fastest growing global mobile advertising networks. InMobi delivers the best results to its partners through its intelligent mobile web advertising solutions. The advanced ad serving technology enables advertisers to discover their target audience on mobile internet sites in a measurable manner. This means: being able to serve the right ad to the right user and getting the bang for the buck! Publishers can leverage the capability to serve contextual ads to the users of their sites, thereby increasing the value of their mobile property. This translates to maximum ad revenue due to the large number of clicks of the ads shown on publisher pages.

InMobi’s vast reach in collaboration with the precision of the mobile medium provides the optimal platform for advertisers and publishers of mobile internet sites.

Our pitch:

InMobi’s mission has been to provide the business model and technology that will help in the development of the mobile internet ecosystem as a whole

What we are looking for:

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