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Organization name Tooio
Organization URL
Legal name Tooio Mobile, S.L.
Headquarters C/ Jerez, 3 (Oficinas BOD),
Madrid 28016, Spain
Phone number +34 913459211


CEO Rafael Casado
Marketing Manager Mónica de Elío
Employees 11


Type of entity Privately held company
Founding date September, 07
Market presence Spain


Total funding 500000$
Self funded 500000$ (10/08)


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Tooio is a marketing tool to help retailers attract customers that happen to be nearby.


In order to do that we have:


1) a free mobile application for 3G phones that integrates your location in a social enviroment. Tooio based on your location, proposes people you can meet, places you can go, events, and movies near you. We have integrated facebook connect and we are based on their social graph.


2) a coupon platform ( that publishes coupons on discounts on our mobile applications.


3) A network of partners, like 11870, the leading social directory in Spain, the main portal for concerts and events, Vocento (largest local media) and Universidad Rey Juan Carlos.  We want to sign more partners so they can use our coupon platform.


Tooio is available for iPhone, Android, Nokia, Windows Mobile and Symbian.


Tooio currently has 80k users on our application and more on our partners'.


We have recently been awarded with the "best digital marketing startup" award at OME (


Our pitch:

Friends, Leisures, Offers and Cupon Discounts located in your mobile

What we are looking for:

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